I've been on a spiritual and healing path for decades. Emmanuel's The Core Work© is the healing modality that made the biggest difference. Nothing else even came close to the results I experienced when it came to actually 'feeling' better. I'm spreading the news to everyone I know, and several friends have confirmed the same.

                                                                                                                                                             ~Cory Jenkins, Los Angeles

Emmanuel is an extremely gifted healer who has been instrumental in helping me change my life in a positive and prosperous way. His guided manifesting technique facilitated instant results for me and I have yet to come down off the cloud that he put me on; as my friends keep telling me ‘you are just glowing’. I have had a permanent shift in attitude and I am seeing my financial life improve exponentially. With his technique, which I do twice a day on my own, I have cleared blocks and am witnessing tangible manifestations of financial abundance. I was blessed with moving into another position at my job with career advancement opportunities and I am attracting financial abundance and wealth by being chosen to work with a person who is a successful financial planner "free of charge". I am so grateful to Emmanuel & Source Energy for giving him amazing healing gifts to instantly transform lives. The inertia I felt on a regular basis has been replaced with a new motivation and zest to live up to my unlimited potential. I show up to my life, make my deadlines and walk with my head held high. Fear & anxiety no longer rule my life because I know how to and what it feel like to maintain a positive outlook, solve problems and convert energy. There really are no words to describe the change and healing I am being blessed with just by working with Emmanuel I am flying

~J. Morton, Los Angeles

Blessings to you Emmanuel! I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic work you are doing with me! Where as my desires and wants used to take years to manifest, now it’s like days and weeks! You had a huge part in opening the doors for me so that all my good can start pouring in!

~N.D., New York

I have been doing Emmanuel’s manifesting technique every day, and 1x a week I work with Emmanuel himself, because for some reason it seems way more powerful and the manifestations happen quicker! Since working with Emmanuel, I have an awesome relationship with my family and girlfriend. I also started my own business that is making me a great income. Emmanuel rocks!

~Jake Weiler, Los Angeles

After working with Emmanuel for several sessions, I now have a great job and am moving into my place! Thanks Emmanuel!

~Robert, Los Angeles

Bonjour Manu! How are you my friend? You are a gifted angel! The work you have done with me has been very big! I am now a master manifester, and I see results alway!

~Marco S., Paris, France

Emmanuel’s visionary audio are some of the best I’ve experience in the field of music used for holistic purposes. My 14 year old daughter has also been listening to the audio, and her grades have raised and her self-esteem has improved drastically.

~James Miller, Indianapolis, IN

Emmanuel's visionary manifesting audio downloads have benefited me in so many ways! I have been listening to them for about one month, and in this past month I got a significant raise from my boss and have started an amazing new romantic relationship. Anyone could say: “well it could be coincidence,” which is what my mind was trying to convince me since our society conditions us to have such pessimistic views and doubt everything positive. Well let me tell you, it has been three years since I even went out on a date and about two years since I got a raise. Obviously something is shifting, and I’m grateful to Emmanuel and his music for helping me. Not only is his music a catalyst for positive manifestations, his artistry is equally if not more impressive. Thank you,

~Samantha Bailey, Vancouver, Canada

Wow! I have been working with healing & manifesting music for a very long time, but never found anything that wasn’t just meditation music. I do love the slow meditation music, but sometimes I want to listen to something that doesn’t always put me to sleep. Emmanuel’s music allows me to be in a car, at the gym, and basically doing whatever I want and still be able to listen to it. I have noticed that I am feeling way more positive and excited about everything in my life, which was definitely not the case for the first 40 years of my life. Thank you Emmanuel! L.

~Hernandez, Austin, TX

With each session, I feel lighter and much more clear! Lots of huge manifestations have occured in my life too many to count! I give Emmanuel 11 out of 10 stars!

~Henry, UK