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My friend,

Have you noticed how challenging the past year has been? So many deeply rooted patterns that we thought we had overcome, seemed to come roaring back to the surface again.

Why is this happening?

We've been moving through an important energetic cycle that is bringing up all of the deep wounds and pains of the past that the mind and body may still be holding on to. This is happening so that we can fully accept, embrace and heal these wounds once and for all.

Every being on the planet is being refined and expanded so quickly now, which is leaving many people to feel disconnected, in fear and confused.

This is especially the case and is feeling more heightened for those who identify with being an empath and are sensitive.

Are you noticing yourself a bit more moody or emotional than usual?  As empaths who have been on a journey of personal development for a long time, everything is feeling even more amplified which is magnifying the effects of the moodiness and emotional ups and downs.

This has left so many people wondering, is this path of personal development all worth it?

To our Spirit, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! But the mind will often resist this inner YES simply to protect itself.

Our Spirit only gives us what it knows we can handle.

When we notice that the mind begins to question our path, especially if we've invested a great deal of time and energy on expanding our consciousness, it's usually a confirmation that a BIG breakthrough is just around the corner.

All that is asked of us is to simply be with the experience we are having, and love ourselves through it.This creates a ripe space for the breakthrough to happen.

However, we often block ourselves from experiencing big breakthroughs, because the mind tends to focus on what it thinks is not working in our lives, (this is a type of control) that it forgets to see all of the abundant blessings that are working.

As a result, we start to feel disconnected from our true selves (Spirit,) and enter survival patterns that the mind often finds comfort in as a result of previous conditioning.

The good news is that no matter what occurs on our path, whether we choose for it to be long and arduous or easy and joyous, we will always come back into alignment with our true selves one way or the other.

I know so many of us are ready to get back into the flow sooner than later, so that we can enjoy the journey again, while feeling deeply connected to our Spirit, the world and the Universe.

If you are someone who is ready to feel connected to your I Am Presence/The Universe/Spirit, to the world around you through meaningful and loving relationships, to the energy of abundance, to your purpose, and to your creative contributions/career, it is my deepest honor to invite you to join me for this 5 part LIVE healing series.



With the Core Work© Healing Technology, you will receive the following 5 LIVE healing sessions:

item 1

I Am Connected - During this session, we will activate for the mind, emotions and body, what it feels like to be connected to our Divine Self, Spirit, The Universe, Our Path, and Journey. We will 'turn our light back on again.' We will also clear the patterns the mind often chooses in order to remain stagnant, hidden and in a lull. 

item 2

I Am Connected to the World - During this session, we will activate for the mind, emotions and body, what it feels like to be connected to the people, environment, animals, vegetation and everything in our reality aligned with our highest good. We will also learn how to ask for what we want, and create a strong community of support and unconditional love. This includes bringing forth the highest potential romantic partner into your life.

item 3

I Am Connected to My Purpose - During this session, we will activate for the mind, emotions, and body what it feels like to be connected to, aligned with and have full clarity of our purpose. This will set a powerful tone for the Universe to bring into our reality everything that supports us being aligned with our ultimate purpose in this lifetime.

item 4

I Am Connected to My Abundance and My Creative Contributions/Career - During this session, we will activate for the mind, emotions, and body what it feels like to be connected and fully in alignment with the energy of abundance, our creative contributions and desired career. During this session, I will also share some tips of how to grow your reach and platform so that your contributions can expand out to all those who are ready to receive it.

item 5

Live Q&A Healing Session - Our final session will be a live Q&A healing session. During these sessions, you will be able to ask for support to gain clarity and healing around anything that may be holding you back from enjoy your life to the fullest. Those who volunteer to receive healing support live on the calls will also be representing everyone in the group. When one of us is going through something, many of us have either gone through something similar, or are currently experiencing something similar. So everyone in the group will be receiving the healing energy.

You can listen to the playback and receive the full benefits of the sessions also afterwards as a downloadable recording audio.


Each session you receive will be directed by The Core Work© - A super-charged healing technology that combines applied Quantum Physics, Energy Healing Therapy, and a series of mind-awakening questions that help to identify and transcend the root cause of any physical, mental, and emotional imbalances preventing you from living your best life ever.

The Core Work© creates a powerful synergy between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, affecting the whole body and auric field to create a full spectrum restoration and healing that can actually be felt within minutes.

The Core Work addresses every aspect of the mind, body and Spirit, so that nothing is left behind. It also synergizes with one’s natural ability to heal themselves, creating a powerful quantum leap in healing and wholeness to occur quickly and effectively for the recipient.

During a session, the recipient is also shown how to enter a state of grace and presence, where healing is much more probable, because it can occur outside of linear time and space. This is another reason as to why healing happens so quickly!

 WHEN is this series


Every Sunday for 5 weeks, beginning Sunday June 11th at 12pm pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT (UK Time)

A recording will be provided for you after each live session, so that you can listen to these powerful sessions and continue to benefit from them at any time.


Where is this series


The comfort of your own home, via phone or web. You will receive all the call details upon signing up.


Reserve your seat



You will receive a special welcome email with all details within 24hours of signing up for this series.

You are loved beyond measure,


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