Affirmative prayer has the power to heal EVERYTHING, and is readily accessible to us. This kind of prayer comes from a place of knowing that we are not separate from the Universe, but that we are One with it. It transcends religion and takes us straight to the heart of the sacred I AM presence. It doesn't come from a place of 'need' but rather a place of knowing and trust.

prayer moves mountains

One of the greatest gifts we can offer to each other is the gift of prayer.

I have witnessed miracle upon miracle through the power of affirmative prayer in my healing practice, and it's my honor to help you generate more miracles too! 

That being said, if you desire some extra energetic support, I am happy to add your request to my morning and evening prayers and meditations. 

To submit your prayer, please request up to 1 per month


Know that your prayer will be tended to with the greatest care and love even if you may not receive a personal email response back due to a high volume of requests being received. Each request will receive  one focused and dedicated prayer session.

Because of my deep commitment to continue supporting you in every way that I can, this service is FREE of charge.

I simply ask that once your prayers are answered, that you pay your kindness forward to someone else in need of a helping hand.

If you know anyone who may enjoy receiving this kind of support, please feel free to invite them to this page so that they can also submit their own prayer request.

With Compassionate Love,



(This free prayer service is not to be mistaken with Emmanuel's healing and prayer work included in Club Miracles. Those who have signed up to be part of Club Miracles are included in Emmanuel's prayers and meditations daily, and receive constant energetic healing and support aside from their group sessions. If you're interested in being part of Club Miracles, it opens up to new members once per year around November/December. Thank you!)